ADHD Awareness Month


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ADHD Online Webinar: Experts Speak about ADHD and Binge-eating Disorder

Join ADHD Online’s webinar series to uncover the link between ADHD and binge-eating disorder. Learn from experts about diagnosis, treatment, and more.

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Jose Valles And Refocusing On Your Purpose

Join Jose Valles on Refocused episode 4 as he shares his journey with ADHD, spreading awareness and supporting mental health. Subscribe for 31 inspiring stories this October!

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Rach Burton And Embracing The Neurospicy Life As A Deaf ADHDer

Deaf advocate Rach Burton shares her journey with ADHD diagnosis and awareness. Tune into Refocused, Together for daily stories this October for ADHD Awareness Month.

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Brittany Bronson And The Cost Of Her Impulsivity

Global DEI leader Brittany Bronson shares her ADHD journey, teaching inclusivity, and overcoming obstacles. Discover the importance of better spaces for neurodivergent students.

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Tyler Page and Not Growing
Out Of It

Discover Tyler Page’s journey with ADHD in his books Raised on Ritalin and Button Pusher. Celebrate ADHD Awareness Month with Refocused, Together podcast!

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Katy Weber and Wrapping It Up in a Bow of Four Letters

Discover Katy Weber’s mission to empower neurodivergent adults via the Women & ADHD podcast and coaching. Learn more at

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On Hold for Healing

Refocused, Together is taking a break for Lindsay’s health. Catch up on past episodes and follow us for updates. New episode returns October 16th!

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Julian Henderson and the Intersection of Deafness and ADHD

Julian Henderson’s journey with ADHD and deafness is inspiring. Tune in for stories on ADHD, its challenges, and how Julian finds his path. Subscribe for more!

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Can ADHD simulators give you a glimpse into what having ADHD is like? Our experts say yes, but you should use some caution.

Suicide and ADHD

In 2022, 49,449 Americans died by suicide, a 2.6% increase from 2021. ADHD significantly raises the risk of suicide, with impulsivity and depression as key factors.

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Join Our ADHD Research Study

Mentavi Health is conducting ADHD research and is accepting a limited number of participants. Participants in our clinical study will get an ADHD Assessment at no cost. 

Who can join?
  • Age 19+
  • Primary language is English
  • Not previously diagnosed with ADHD
  • Not a current patient of ADHD Online or Mentavi Health
  • A resident of any of the 50 US states or DC (not including Puerto Rico or other territories)
Why participate?
Your involvement will help improve mental health care for everyone.

Provide this form to your local practitioner. You could:

  • Send this link
  • Email the pdf
  • Print it out and bring it to your appointment

Ask your practitioner
to complete the form

In this form, your practitioner will request that ADHD Online continue to provide uninterrupted care

Return the form to us

You or your practitioner can return this form to us via email or fax it to 616-210-3118