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From therapy to medication and behavior change to long-term strategies, your options for treating ADHD are endless. And we’re here to help every step of the way. Before you read on, be sure you’ve taken the Mentavi Smart Assessment–it’s the first step in our Medical Treatment process.

3 steps to Medical Treatment for ADHD

Take our Smart Assessment

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Take our Assessment

See which Treatment services we offer in your state below

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Smart Diagnosis and Mental Wellness Coaching are available in every state

Annual Medical Treatment cost

We believe everyone should have access to mental health care. So we made it affordable to get Medical Treatment for ADHD.

*Treatment costs are based on 5 appointments. Costs do not include medication.

Schedule your personalized Medical Treatment planning session

If you took our Smart Assessment and received an ADHD diagnosis, connect with one of our clinicians in just a few days to develop your customized Medical Treatment plan. Our network of board-certified clinicians are ADHD and mental health experts and will work with you on your personalized Medical Treatment plan.


How we approach Medical Treatment

Each person’s experience with ADHD is different. So each person’s Medical Treatment plan will be different. But everyone can get streamlined, affordable, and accessible care with us. Here’s what that might look like.


Learn tips + strategies


Regardless of your Treatment plan, our community is always sharing tips and ideas for making the most of life with ADHD.

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We’re here to help you get the ADHD treatment you deserve

We’ve streamlined the treatment process for ADHD so you can get the continuous care you deserve.

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