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Experience the streamlined access to care that you’ll never get with a traditional, in-person process. You’ll explore therapy and medication options and a plan for continuous care. Prescriptions, if needed, will be sent to your local pharmacy. No subscription needed


Schedule Your Personalized Treatment Planning Session

After taking our assessment and receiving an ADHD diagnosis, connect with one of our clinicians in just a few days to develop your customized treatment plan. Our network of board-certified providers are ADHD and mental health experts and will work with you on your personalized treatment plan. Medication management is not available for all ages in all states. For patients younger than 18, please contact us before scheduling a medication management appointment at (616)229-2935 to confirm treatment is available in your state.

How It Works

If you received an ADHD diagnosis let us help you develop your treatment plan

Meet with a clinician

7 days


During this initial meeting, you and your clinician will discuss your options and work together to develop your personalized treatment plan.


Schedule a follow-up

30 days

(after your initial visit)

Follow up meeting

During this follow-up meeting, you and your clinician will discuss your treatment plan and progress over the past 30 days.


Check in every 3 months

90 days

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During these follow-up meetings, you and your clinician will ensure that your treatment plan is still working and discuss any necessary changes.


Set up your initial appointment



Therapy can be a component of any treatment plan for ADHD. Our network of licensed therapists in select states will meet with you via HIPAA compliant Zoom-based sessions that you can schedule within 7 days.


(per visit)

Teletherapy visits with a licensed
clinician (in select states)

Set up your teletherapy appointment

Treatment Online, Nationwide

All treatment and ADHD services require a formal diagnosis by a licensed psychologist. We’ve built a network of psychologists in every state and are currently building our nationwide network of clinicians to deliver teletherapy.

We are here to help you connect with a physician, understand your symptoms, and get the treatment you need to live your best life with ADHD.

We’re here to get you the ADHD treatment you deserve

We’ve streamlined the process of treatment for ADHD so that you can get the continuous care you deserve.

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