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Do I have ADHD?

If you just typed that into your favorite search bar, the first thing you should know is that you are not alone. You probably figured that out when the search bar autocomplete finished your thought faster than your fingers.

It is normal to wonder about (and super healthy to explore) the inner workings of your brain.

The best way to know for sure whether or not you have ADHD, is to take our comprehensive Mentavi Smart Assessment. But if you’re looking for an ADHD symptom list, well we’ve got that too.

ADHD symptoms

Keep in mind that many of these symptoms are things anyone can experience in daily life. Who hasn’t forgotten an appointment, procrastinated on an annoying task, or made a hasty decision? One missed deadline does not mean you have ADHD. As you read this list, jot down which symptoms describe you most of the time to get a better sense of whether or not you might be struggling with ADHD.

Difficulty paying attention​

This was easier to pinpoint back in your school days. But here’s what to look for in your adult life:

  • Friends and family often note that they don’t feel like they have your attention when they are talking with you
  • You sit down to answer an email but then the dryer beeps so you get up to empty it and then a new idea strikes as you walk down the hall and… well you never did reply to that email
  • In conversations, you frequently interrupt the person speaking
  • Your desk/to-do list/inbox/etc. are littered with unfinished tasks
  • Keys, socks, glasses of water, remote controls, phones, and more go ‘missing’ daily

Mood swings​

Everyone’s emotions have the potential to take them on a little roller coaster ride. But yours do much more regularly. It looks something like this:

  • Friends and family have noted that you have a quick temper
  • You get frustrated easily – whether by your kiddo who can’t find their shoes, the person in front of you at the drive thru taking forever, or your own inability to finish a task
  • In daily life, you often feel like your emotions are not within your control
  • Sleep – or, rather, lack of sleep – feels tied to your mood swings but you can’t seem to get enough zzz’s


That one junk drawer you dig through to find a pen doesn’t count. Here we’re talking about an overall struggle to keep things orderly. Look for these symptoms:

  • Friends and family lovingly joke that your room/house/car is a mess as they watch you search for things
  • You struggle to prioritize your work which leaves you feeling flustered and behind most of the time
  • More than a few missed deadlines haunt you at any given moment


Doodling during a less-than-thrilling meeting? We’ve all been there. But if your hands, feet, or entire body must always be in some sort of motion, that might be something to look into. Specifically, look for these:

  • Friends and family regularly ask you to stop tapping your foot, shaking a table, or making an annoying sound with your fingers
  • You find yourself standing up and walking around during meetings, or that you focus better when you keep your hands busy with a fidget toy


Where did the time go? You find yourself swept up in the flow of an activity, a book, or a task and losing hours at a time regularly.

Impulsivity and creativity​

You take risks. You don’t always think through the consequences. But that freedom also leaves people telling you that you’re the most creative person they know.

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