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ADHD Online offers live and recorded Webinars that cover issues that are critical to the ADHD/ADD community

ADHD Online Webinars are a free resource that covers important and popular ADHD-related topics with simple goals; to improve awareness and to empower our community to live their best lives.

ADHD experts host our webinars. Some of our presenters share their personal experiences and how they have succeeded and overcome ADHD life struggles.

The majority of our webinars are live, with Q&A segments for our attendees to ask questions, chat with other participants, can interact in real-time with the presenter.


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What do you want to know about ADHD

Randal Duthler MD.

Dr. Randall Duthler will answer your questions about Adult and Pediatric ADHD on Tuesday, January 4th from 7 to 8 pm EST. All questions are welcome.

Part of treating ADHD is improving everyone’s understanding of the condition. ADHD Online is committed to sharing our knowledge, helping all who ask, and supporting you in your journey.

Shaping the Parent's Role in Managing ADHD

Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster

ADHD is much more complicated than it appears on the surface. Fortunately, after a decade of supporting parents of kids with ADHD and related challenges all over the world, Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster from understand ADHD well — and they have identified tried and true techniques and strategies to help you support yourself and your family. Whether you’re in quarantine, navigating hybrid work and school, or figuring out how to start living “normally “ in uncertain times, learn skills to improve communication and empower your kids (and even yourself) to problem-solve collaboratively — not just in the weeks and months ahead, but for the long term.

Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster are the co-founders of, an online training, coaching, and support resource for parents of complex children, teens, and young adults. With 6 complex kids between their two families, Elaine and Diane are internationally recognized parent educators and certified coaches, helping parents across the globe to reduce the stress of raising children with ADHD, anxiety, LD, gender identity challenges, and more. They are the creators of the Sanity School® behavior training programs, and the authors of Parenting ADHD Now: Easy Intervention Strategies to Empower Kids with ADHD (2016) and The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids with ADHD, Anxiety, and More (2020).

A Town Square for Women with ADHD


Join us for an evening of Q&A with ADHD Expert, Terry Matlen, LMSW.

Terry Matlen, LMSW, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of women with ADHD – a psychotherapist, consultant, author, and coach. She is the author of The Queen of Distraction and the founder of and . She offers consultations and coaching online and can be reached at .

Managing Behavioral Issues in Parenting Kids with ADHD


In my time as a psychologist, I have met with kids from all kinds of homes, family systems, and backgrounds, presenting with all kinds of challenges. The one thing they have in common is that, deep down, every single child wants to be good. Do they act out to get our attention, or make poor choices sometimes? Absolutely! So how can we, the adults who care about them, help them learn to manage these emotions and communicate them appropriately? This seminar is created for those who work with children and those who care for children to address problem behaviors in a way that teaches appropriate alternatives. After all, kids don’t want to be bad!

Dr. Amy Marschall, Psy.D., is a licensed psychologist in South Dakota. Dr. Marschall works primarily with children and adolescents and is certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Telemental Health. In addition to individual and family therapy, she completes psychological assessments for ADHD.

The Power and Promise of Good Nutrition for Kids


What to eat and what not to eat…that is the question for children with ADHD. The evidence for a healthy diet is growing and may help children with ADHD focus, behave, and grow well. Yet, feeding kids with ADHD can be a challenge. Castle explores the role of diet and feeding in children with ADHD, highlighting balanced nutrition, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, and feeding strategies to encourage optimal nutrition, health, function, and focus.

Jill Castle is one of the nation’s premier childhood nutrition experts. Known as a paradigm shifter who blends current research, practical application, and common sense, Jill inspires audiences to think differently about feeding kids.

A sought-after speaker, advisor, and media contributor, Jill has inspired TEDx and a range of nutrition, medical, government, and parent audiences. Jill serves on the Board of Advisors of Parents Magazine and is the nutrition advisor to a handful of privately held child nutrition companies.

She is the creator of, a parent nutrition education website and author of the books, Eat Like a Champion, Try New Food, The Smart Mom’s Guide to Starting Solids, and co-author of Fearless Feeding. She pens The Nourished Child blog and interviews experts on her podcast of the same name.

The ADHD Diet for Kids

ADHD and Sleep Hygiene


What is sleep hygiene, and what does it have to do with ADHD? Children, teens, and adults with ADHD are likely to experience insomnia, sleep disturbance, and difficulty sticking to a sleep schedule. This seminar educates about sleep hygiene and how it can help people with ADHD and their loved ones make and keep a healthy sleep schedule.

Dr. Amy Marschall, Psy.D., is a licensed psychologist in South Dakota. Dr. Marschall works primarily with children and adolescents and is certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Telemental Health. In addition to individual and family therapy, she completes psychological assessments for ADHD.

ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder


ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder are both categorized as neurodevelopmental disorders. But what does this mean? How are ADHD and Autism similar, and how are they different? Can someone be diagnosed with both? This seminar answers frequently asked questions about ADHD and Autism, treatment options, and the evaluation process.

Dr. Amy Marschall, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist in South Dakota. Dr. Marschall works primarily with children and adolescents. In addition to individual and family therapy, she completes psychological assessments for ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Is your anxiety really undiagnosed ADHD?

Presented By Randall Duthler, MD

Have you been suffering from uncontrolled anxiety? Do you sometimes feel your life is spiraling out of control? Learn how undiagnosed ADHD can often mimic anxiety and how it can be controlled.

Dr. Duthler received his Doctorate in Medicine from SCCM in London, England. He completed his internship and residency in Family Medicine at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, OH. His pediatric training was through Nationwide Children’s Hospital (The Ohio State University) in Columbus, OH.

Family, Career, and Finances.

Presented By Zachariah Booker

Living with ADHD successfully.

Zachariah is a father, husband, and business owner with ADHD. In this webinar, he highlights the importance of diagnosing ADHD as the first step to overcoming adult ADHD’s challenges. A better understanding of your weaknesses and enhancing your strengths to live your best life with ADHD.

Zach is a philanthropist with a passion for helping the underserved. He has recently turned his attention to the mental health crisis in the United States. He works everyday to find unique ways to help patients get access to quality telemedicine ADHD assessments.

Parenting your child with ADHD.

Presented by Lisa Dykstra, LMSW

The Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA) is a relationship-focused strategy for helping children build their Inner Wealth to use their intensity in meaningful ways. The NHA propels children with challenging behaviors into their potential and shapes their sense of self-worth. This 1-hour live virtual webinar is an introduction to Nurtured Heart strategies and methods. Lisa’s approach is casual, comfortable, and loaded with authenticity, grace, and humor. She integrates NHA successfully as a School Social Worker, Psychotherapist, and most importantly, as a mother.

Lisa has a Masters in Social Work from GVSU, she is the owner and therapist of Living Well WM Counseling

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