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ADHD Online offers live and recorded Webinars that cover issues that are critical to the ADHD/ADD community

ADHD Online Webinars are a free resource that covers important and popular ADHD-related topics with simple goals; to improve awareness and to empower our community to live their best lives.

ADHD experts host our webinars. Some of our presenters share their personal experiences and how they have succeeded and overcome ADHD life struggles.

The majority of our webinars are live, with Q&A segments for our attendees to ask questions, chat with other participants, can interact in real-time with the presenter.

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“Learn How to Organize Your Home” series.

How much work is there to do at home? Women in the 21st century are not able to live life to their full potential and …

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Rick Webster

Credit Cards: Risky temptation or powerful tools? Both perhaps?

Some say “cut up your credit cards … it’s the only way.” Others say credit cards are a source of bankruptcy and misery. Some suggest …

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Rick Webster

5 things to learn about ADHD and impulsive spending

Apr 18, 2022, 04:00 PM EST. Wondering if you have an impulse spending problem? Could it be related to your ADHD? Are you carrying a …

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Lisa Woodruff Headshot rectangle

ADHD and Organization: It is possible!

Has a sea of paper taken over your countertop? Tired of endless to-do lists? Have more chaos than time or energy? Organizing is a skill, …

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Rick Webster

ADHD & Tax Prep

Why start next year’s taxes now? Getting ready for tax time: April 15th. Does it provoke anxiety, dread, or other negative emotions…or is it just …

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