Follow Me! A Directory of the Top ADHD Instagram Influencers and Experts

Around the world, Instagram is home to 2 billion monthly active users, including everyone from beloved pets to the most popular celebrities. Also included in that massive mix are 200 million business accounts.

There’s no way — or even a good reason — to follow absolutely everyone. But within that huge pool of options, there’s a lot of potentially game-changing resources for those in the ADHD community. How do you find them without falling down the rabbit hole?

Here, we’ll take over the task of researching, organizing and presenting some of the top ADHD accounts on Instagram. These influencers and experts fill their feed with valuable insights and information for people living with ADHD, parents caring for kids with ADHD,or professionals supporting those with ADHD. There will be overlap in some of these categories, so peruse them all and tap the ones that catch your eye.

(Please note that this is just a collection of accounts for your consideration, not an endorsement of them. We don’t have any affiliation with these accounts and will not receive any compensation for recommending them. Some may have content that is not suitable for younger kids with ADHD, so please use discretion in following.)

For People Living with ADHD

Fresh, funny, raw and real: These accounts are run by people who have ADHD, so they get it. They’re speaking from a place of authenticity, and that’s what makes their pages so engaging and relevant for anyone with ADHD. Check them out to feel seen, find hope and learn more about how to live and thrive with your unique brain.

  • @authenticallyadhd Promoting “self acceptance, compassion + empowerment,” Jak is an ADHD coach whose page is a mix of reels from her point of view, or POV, along with swipe-through posts with esteem boosts and helpful hacks for navigating a life of neurodiversity — when your brain works a little differently.
  • @adhdelite With more than 373,000 followers, this feed is a collection of memes and reels focused on neurodiversity awareness with the goal of “just to make you feel understood.” And when you see just how many “Accurate!” comments and likes each post has, you’ll know you’ve found your people.
  • @adhdjesse Host of the @adhdnerds podcast, digital creator Jesse J. Anderson offers newsletters, resources, videos and more to the person who’s frustrated by or feels lost in their neurodivergent brain. His feed is mostly comprised of static posts with text that will make you laugh out loud, learn about yourself and ultimately make you feel less alone.
  • @go_adhd Jess is a podcast host and ADHDer who’s committed to raising awareness and breaking the stigma around her diagnosis. She engages her audience with posts that include thought-provoking questions and interesting discussion points, and she’s always ready with a word of positive encouragement to anyone who follows her page.
  • @mollys_adhd_mayhem Author of Me, Myself and ADHD, Molly brooks-dridge desribes herself as “not an expert.” Molly is dually diagnosed with autism and ADHD and talks about everything from workplace accommodations to mood swings and medications. Her vibrant feed is full of boldly colored informational posts and upbeat reels that illustrate the ADHD life with humor and honesty.
  • @adhdhustlers Simply described as “a community dealing with #ADHD,” this feed is full of relatable memes, tweets, thoughts and reels from all over the internet. The posts range from silly to serious, and the content is fueled by real people sharing snapshots of life with an ADHD brain.
  • @adhd_love_ As the spouse of someone with ADHD, this account made me LOL (laugh out loud) and feel very validated. Run by a husband/wife team — he’s neurotypical, she’s “ADHD AF,” according to their bio — this zany couple creates short but highly entertaining reels of their real life challenges (and joys).
  • @tyler.elizabeth.dorsey Tyler Dorsey is an ADHD life coach who’s focused on helping people with ADHD thrive. She also writes blog posts for ADHD Online, so she’s well-versed in all things related to the diagnosis. Her Instagram feed is filled with funny, relatable and informative reels, plus resource-rich posts and quotes.

For Parents and Relatives of Kids with ADHD

Raising a child, teen or young adult with ADHD is marked by challenges often not understood by the parents of neurotypical kids. Move out of isolation and into connection with these accounts, created to support parents and relatives (siblings or grandparents, for example) who love someone with ADHD and want to understand them better.

  • @adhd_understood Donna Giachino is a “strength-based” ADHD and neuro-educational consultant who has 27 years of experience as a speech language pathologist. She also has been diagnosed with ADHD, so her insights are both authoritative and authentic. Her posts are mostly animated and visually appealing, making the sometimes complex information much more accessible to those who are just starting to delve into all things ADHD.
  • @coachingwithbrooke Committed to stopping “ADHD overwhelm and chaos,” ADHD Coach Brooke Schnittman offers tools and accountability for empowerment (her words) to people worldwide — ages 8 to 80, per her bio. Her feed is full of resource-rich posts and videos to help people understand what it’s like to live with ADHD, and how to manage the challenges that come with it.
  • @adhdbrainhealth As a certified brain health professional with a master’s degree in positive psychology, Brittany Hochstetler has created a welcoming space for “all ADHD-ers” and shares videos, podcast episodes, graphic-based posts and live conversations with other ADHD experts on her feed. Posts like “8 Reasons Why Your Loved One with ADHD Feels So Fatigued” are a testament to her relevance for parents and relatives visiting the page.
  • @dt.perry She calls herself a “star procrastinator,” but as a chemical engineer and biotech scientist, Deniz Perry obviously knows how to get things done. She talks about things like ADHD and hoarding, ADHD paralysis, ADHD and oversharing and so much more. Prepare to be enlightened and have many “Oh, that’s why my son/sister/granddaughter does that!” moments on this educational feed.
  • @the.parent.therapist Dr. Carrie Jackson offers an online group for parenting ADHD kids, so if you want to feel less alone on the ADHD parenting road, park yourself here. Her feed is a mix of static subject-based posts and straight-talk reels to help you get into the minds of your children who have ADHD — and to set them up for success.
  • @the_mini_adhd_coach Diagnosed at age 29, Alice shares “cute doodles” to better explain some of the key concepts around ADHD. With more than 504,000 followers, Alice obviously has a way with words — or should we say, pictures worth 1,000 of them. For parents just getting started on an educational journey into ADHD, this page is a great place to start. It’s also a great tool for starting a conversation with your loved one who has ADHD. What better way to connect than over a non-intimidating doodle?
  • @katie.adhd An ADHD podcaster, advocate and content creator, Katie Sue’s uplifting feed is mostly reels-based, but she also highlights the work of other ADHD colleagues and experts, particularly those who tackle tough topics like trauma, body image and nutrition. Check out her page to learn more and to connect with ADHD experts in these important subject areas.

For Professionals Serving Those with ADHD

If you’re a teacher, therapist or other type of service provider who works with kids or adults who have ADHD, consult these profiles as a way of getting to know your audience better — and gaining access to new tools, theories, tips and tricks.

  • @additudemag Touting itself as “the nation’s leading source of information and support for families and individuals living with ADHD,” the top-notch resources shared on this page and in Additude’s flagship digital and print magazine are also relevant to professionals working with ADHD clients.
  • Dr. Perry Mandanis’s bio describes him as a psychiatrist, therapist, coach, ADHD and mental health storyteller. In other words, he’s quite the expert when it comes to all things ADHD. He prides himself on plain talk about ADHD and anxiety, and he breaks down a host of interesting and informative topics — menstruation and ADHD, debates about medication and more — presented mostly in conversational-style reels.
  • @hummingbird_adhd Meredith Carder offers group coaching sessions, an ADHD 101 Course and other great resources for anyone seeking to understand the ways of the ADHD brain. Her feed is a mix of reels and informational posts on topics like rejection sensitive dysphoria, low frustration tolerance and coping with overwhelm.
  • @understoodorg The Instagram home base of this non-profit organization is full of professional, high-level resources dedicated to those who have thinking and learning differences like ADHD, dyslexia and apraxia. Their posts cover important ground: bullying, Individualized Education Program and 504 plans, advocacy, myths and facts, and more.
  • @truly_tish_adhd Dr. Tish Gentile is a self-defined ADHD advocate and mentor who has a master of public health and a doctorate in health science, so she knows her stuff. Through her blog, podcast and Instagram feed, Dr. Tish is focused on “creating a safe place for all things ADHD” and “sharing her story to raise awareness.” Among her thoughtful and innovative offerings are the ADHD Bingo posts, in which she breaks down topics like “ADHD and Driving” or “ADHD and Stimming” — or self-stimulatory behavior — in the style of a Bingo game card.
  • @learning.compass As an educator and learning consultant, Kate specializes in teaching “ADHDers how to work with their brains and thrive.” So professionals will certainly find value in her posts as they work with students on the same goals for success.
  • @mindfully_adhd Nichole is a licensed therapist who shares from her lived experience as “late diagnosed.” She talks about emotional control and regulation, ADHD and motivation, mindfulness and more via graphic-based posts, conversational reels and inspirational quotes that can be used in a variety of settings — from the therapist’s office to the teacher’s desk.

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