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Navigating Love and ADHD: Strategies for a Stronger Bond

Building strong relationships can be challenging, especially when ADHD is in the mix. Melissa Orlov, a renowned marriage consultant and …

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Keith Boswell and
Discovering His Calling

The moment we’ve all been waiting for – our final episode of Refocused, Together 2023! And it features someone you …

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family taking holiday selfie

Beat the Holiday Blues: Essential Tips for Adults with ADHD

The holidays aren’t just about candy canes and cheer, particularly for adults with ADHD. This time, often associated with the …

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Episode 28 Dee Lynn

Dee Lynn and the Comfort In Knowing

Dee Lynn is very new to this whole ‘having ADHD’ thing. Diagnosed just this last summer, the patient support specialist …

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Jen Verhagen and Realizing Your Potential

Jen Verhagen was diagnosed with ADHD five years ago when she was 28, after struggling with insomnia for years. The …

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ADHD and Driving: What Older Adults Need to Know

By Beth Levine There is a lot of concern about teen drivers with ADHD getting behind the wheel. And, while …

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Why Are ADHD Diagnoses in
Adults — Especially Women — Rising So Much?

By Mary Fetzer In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in the diagnosis of ADHD in adults, with …

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John Grossman and Trusting
The Checklist

John received his ADHD diagnosis about a year ago, when he was 54, joining the many ADHDers who have discovered …

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Stuart Cohen and Finding Yourself

Stuart Cohen has spent the last 12 years embracing his authentic self, accepting both his strengths and weaknesses. Diagnosed with …

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