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Mentavi Health Partnering with Colleges, Universities to Help Students with Mental Health Services

The leader in mental health assessments is helping institutions that have limited resources and are outsourcing mental health assessments for …

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Indy Louder and the Art of Self-Advocacy

Like many ADHDers, Indy was seen as a good student who excelled in the ‘gifted and talented’ program at school …

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Does ADHD Affect the Onset of Puberty?

By Elizabeth Weiss Boys and girls generally begin puberty at different ages, with girls starting earlier. And even outside of …

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Christopher and Managing the ADHD Transition To College

Christopher was diagnosed with ADHD at an early age, thanks to his parents and teachers noticing symptoms during elementary school. …

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Brittany Bronson And The Cost Of Her Impulsivity

Brittany Bronson is a global diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) leader, research professor, and first-generation doctoral student. She also loses …

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African American mother preparing her little daughter for school

Tips for an ADHD Parent Helping Kids Go Back to School

If you are a parent with ADHD, here are some solid tips for making the back to school routine as seamless as possible.

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College Students

Five Steps to Make College Easier For Students with ADHD

Discover how to make the best of your college experience as a student with ADHD with these self-care tips and a guide to accommodations shared by experts.

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A Guide to Summer Jobs for ADHD Teens

By Maria Romaszkan For many teens, summer is for a well-deserved rest after the demands of the school year. However, …

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Managing ADHD: More than Medication and Accommodation

ADHD coach Tyler Dorsey writes about how people with ADHD need more the medication and certain accommodations in school. They need to believe in themselves and be open to different tools that can help.

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