Survival summer break tips for families with ADHD KIDS.

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Parents and kids playing board game

By: Raafia Muhammad, MD, MPH

Summer Break: A Break from Routine.

For families with a child with ADHD, the unstructured summer months can be chaotic. The variability in day-to-day activities, the frustration of not knowing what to do with free time, or learning how to tackle various situations can be an exhaustive task for kids with ADHD and their families. Here are a few ADHD survival tips for those summer days:

1. Structure Your Child’s Day

It is crucial to create a routine for your child, such as setting a time to wake up and go to bed, to create a sense of normalcy. Start incorporating age-appropriate tasks, such as laundry, doing the dishes or setting the table, to create a sense of ownership and accountability. You can even encourage your child by timing them when they do tasks. Check out the Brili app.

2. Plan Academic Activities to Avoid the “Summer Slide”

Adding a few hours of academic lessons can help children keep up with what they learned during the year and prevent summer slide. Great ways to keep children engaged with learning over the summer can include reading and practicing math problems. Freestyle writing can be a light and non-stressful way to give your child an open, judgment-free place to share their creative ideas.

3. Choosing a Medication Break

A medication break should be a decision made between you and your ADHD Online provider. Please connect with them to learn more and discuss your options.