Preparing Your Child to Re-Enter School & Get Back on Schedule

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Holiday breaks and vacations are often filled with family time, well-deserved relaxation, and around-the-clock fun, but unfortunately, there comes a point when we need to return to the real world and our busy lives. 

For many adults, the end of the holidays or a vacation can trigger stress, fear, and anxiety. The thought of going from complete leisure to chaotic schedules and a maelstrom of deadlines is something that many adults need to mentally prepare themselves for. The same goes for children as they prepare to return to the classroom. 

Getting your child ready for the transition from holiday mode to school life can be an uphill battle, from re-establishing bedtime routines to preparing their minds to focus on learning. toad the stress related to the pandemic, and students may be experiencing back-to-school jitters more than ever before.

While it may seem daunting, there are ways to encourage your child to make the most out of their post-holiday return to school.

Consistent Sleep Schedule & Bedtime Routine

Bedtimes and routines seem to halt during the holidays, and for good reason – it’s time to unwind and relax! 

Allowing your child to sleep in or stay up late during holiday breaks or vacations is normal. If you’re worried about them waking up on time for school or feeling groggy during the school day, consider setting a bedtime and easing into a nighttime routine that promotes a consistent sleep schedule.

Having a structured sleep schedule that gets your child to bed earlier allows them to properly adjust right back into their school routine.

Academic Activities

The transition from having no homework or studying to a mountain of new assignments, projects, and tests can be a difficult one. Help your child adapt while incorporating continuous learning into their vacation schedule. 

These activities don’t have to feel like schoolwork and can still spark your child’s creativity, brainstorming skills, and curiosity. Activities can include reading, jigsaw puzzles, word searches, scavenger hunts, improv games, painting, and simple science experiments. 


Families can set their child up for success by ensuring that they have everything ready for their first day back to school. Help your child stay organized ahead of time by:

  • Packing their backpack
  • Reviewing and finalizing homework
  • Buying new school supplies
  • Setting out their clothes
  • Reviewing important information (locker combination, class schedule, upcoming projects and assignments, etc.)
  • Using a calendar to mark any important dates (events, practices, rehearsals, etc.)

Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to organize a couple of days in advance to lessen the chances of your child feeling overwhelmed. 

With these tips, your child will be ready for the return to school, refreshed and ready to continue their academic, social, and emotional journeys. In the meantime, we hope that you and your family enjoy a much-deserved holiday break and vacation together.