Inspiring You for a Great Start to 2023

Happy New Year 2023!

Every year, millions of people see the new year as a way to reflect, look back at the year that passed by and learn from positive and not-so-positive experiences and behaviors.

We live to find meaning and a purpose in life. We want to fulfill a calling, give to and love people, and find joy in what we do. There are many aspects one needs to look at in order to be full and able to accomplish our goals and live a plentiful life.

And life itself has challenges. So how do we overcome these challenges? We all know that healthy eating is beneficial to us, but is there a “one-size-fits-all” for healthy eating? And what about cultivating relationships? Starting a family? Or navigating career and work challenges and financial goals? Every life is different, and most of us aim to find balance in most of these areas.

ADHD Online’s goal for this first month of 2023 is to bring together a digest of resources, tips and tools that can help you kickstart 2023 with helpful and relevant information. For each week in January, we will tackle one of four different pillars: health, relationships, finances and career, and home and organization.

Week One — this week — is all about health. People start the year with multiple goals around health — from changing diet, starting to exercise, creating sleep patterns and more. But most people fall short of following through and creating real, healthy habits. Why is that? We will help you navigate through this issue and more, providing articles, episodes of our Refocused podcast and other resources to help you find a balance among aspects of health. (You can also learn more through our e-book on nutrition, exercise and sleep. See details at the end of this piece.)

Week Two will be all about relationships: parent-child relationships, couples, and work relationships from an ADHD perspective. We’ve researched and published some great articles about relationships, and we will also host a special podcast on the subject.

Week Three will bring an overview of some of our most relevant articles about careers. On Monday of that week (Jan. 16), we will also have a special guest on our podcast — ADHD financial expert David Dewitt — to talk about ADHD brains and money control.

Week Four will focus on home and organization. We will have Lisa Woodruff, founder and CEO of Organize 365, as a guest on the Refocused podcast.

Finally, at the end of January, we will wrap up with some information about setting — and reaching — goals for success.

We would also love to hear from you. What more would you like to learn about ADHD? About setting good goals? About keeping your focus on those goals?

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