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Jay Glazer And The Hunt For The Perfect Treatment Plan

Jay Glazer finds ways to grow with his ADHD every single day. The tenacious NFL Insider for FOX Sports’ award-winning …

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Sports TV personality Jay Glazer Gives Insider Tips on Living with ADHD

By Cathy Cassata For nearly 20 years, Jay Glazer has been a National Football League insider for Fox Sports’ NFL …

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Eight Tips to Make Halloween a Treat for Your Child with ADHD

By Beth Levine Halloween can be tough for children with ADHD — and their parents. There is so much stimulation, …

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Stimulants and Cardiovascular Issues: What You Need to Know

By Lisa Fields Stimulant medications used to manage ADHD symptoms have been shown to increase heart rate and blood-pressure levels. …

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Non-Stimulant Treatment Options for ADHD: What to Know

Wondering about non-stimulant options for ADHD? Curious about their benefits and side effects? We’ve got you covered. ADHD is complex, …

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Rach Burton And Embracing The Neurospicy Life As A Deaf ADHDer

When you think about the executive function challenges to get an ADHD diagnosis at the age of 28, imagine doing …

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Katy Weber and Wrapping It Up in a Bow of Four Letters

Katy Weber’s personal mission is to help neurodivergent adults learn to embrace their brains. She does this through the popular …

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On Hold for Healing

Pretty confident the title gives it away but if you hadn’t heard already, we’re taking a little break to give …

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Mature Adult Looking out Window

Can Perimenopause Intensify ADHD?

Discover how perimenopause affects ADHD and how the conditions can mimic one another.

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