Certified ADHD diagnosis without the office visit.

Get a clinical diagnosis of ADHD from our network of licensed psychologists all from the comfort of home. No appointment required.

One-Time Fee, $149

Struggling With ADHD?


All treatment and services for ADHD require a clinical diagnosis by a licensed psychologist.

We make getting that diagnosis simple, faster, and inexpensive for only $149 without ever having to set foot inside an office.

Our licensed psychologists can evaluate both adults and children for all forms of ADHD, completely online through our ADHD assessment.



Assigned A Licensed Psychologist

A licensed psychologist will be assigned your assessment to either certify or exclude a diagnosis of ADHD.

Certified Results Delivered to You

We will email or mail you a full copy of your certified assessment results that you can use nationwide.


Real People, Real Results

ADHD Online was created by a team of doctors and psychologists to offer a faster solution for patients looking to get a certified ADHD diagnosis.

We’re better than any free ADHD online screening tool because our results can be your next step to treatment for ADHD. Our network of licensed psychologists provide a certified diagnosis of ADHD that can be used nationwide.

ADHD Online E-Visits

A Trusted Technology

E-visits, or electronic visits, are widely used by large hospital systems across the country to evaluate and treat patients for multiple health conditions. E-visits are highly efficient and save time and money for patients.

We are the first and only company in the US to offer ADHD assessments via this trusted technology.

​Our proprietary, dynamic and logic-based assessment alters the questions you are asked based on age and the answers provided. In other words, it learns and reacts to each patient to ensure our psychologists have all of the information they require to make or exclude a diagnosis of ADHD.

ADHD Results

Accepted Nationwide


​We believe in transparency, so you will receive a full unabridged copy of you or your child’s records. Depending on the answers you provide, most assessment notes average between 10-15 pages and are formatted by experts in the field of ADHD to ensure they meet or exceed the standard of care.

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Do I speak with my psychologist? Do you accept insurance? Do I get prescriptions? Our Frequently Asked Questions page is a great place to find answers to many common questions you might have. Have a question that isn’t on our list? Send us a message and we’ll do our best to answer it.
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ADHD Online

Safe and Confidential


We’re 100% safe and confidential with your information. We utilize bank-level encryption and are fully HIPAA compliant.

We never share your information with any third party unless you specifically request we do so in writing.

The information you share is protected by the same doctor-patient privilege you would expect in a normal office visit.

Reviews For ADHD Online

What Patients Are Saying

"Really like how thorough the exam was, eliminated anxiety of in person meetings and questions were very focused. Can't afford multiple in person sessions and my insurance wouldn't cover neuro-psych testing so this was a great realistic alternative."
Affordable and easy to complete. Testing for ADHD or learning disabilities in general is tough to schedule, especially with inadequate insurance. Your website provides a great service at a price that is generous. I received much needed accommodations in school as a result. Thank you!
It was quick and easy. In a busy lifestyle, finding a proper doctor for your mental health is a fulltime job that this assessment handled for me. And the cost of it all was less than a tenth of what I would've had to pay elsewhere. My life has been infinitely better since.

Certified ADHD Diagnosis Without The Office Visit.

One-Time Fee, $149