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Clinically Comprehensive Assessment

We believe everyone should have access to mental health care. So we made it affordable to get an ADHD Assessment.

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Our comprehensive ADHD Assessment gathers all the information we need to not only make a diagnosis or exclusion, but identify the right Treatment plan for you. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Our Assessment is completely confidential and comprehensive
  • You can complete the Assessment wherever, whenever, and at your own pace
  • A one-time cost of $179, no subscription needed
  • You’ll receive your results within 3-5 business days

Then, you can explore Treatment with us in 40 states and typically begin within 7 days or take your results to your doctor for treatment (our Assessment is accepted nationwide).

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Smart Diagnosis and Mental Wellness Coaching are available in every state​

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Clinically Comprehensive Assessment

We believe everyone should have access to mental health care. So we made it affordable to get an ADHD Assessment.

Childhood ADHD symptoms

Adult ADHD symptoms

Difficulty paying attention

Teachers note excessive daydreaming

Friends and family don’t get your full attention when they are talking with you

All kids interrupt but this one takes it to a whole new level

In conversations, you frequently interrupt the person speaking

The student almost single-handedly keeps the school lost-and-found in business

Keys, socks, glasses of water, remote controls, phones, and more go ‘missing’ daily

Mood swings

Teachers note a quick temper and frequent outbursts

Friends and family have noted that you have a quick temper

All kids get frustrated when trying a new skill but this one cannot seem to push through

You get frustrated easily–when your kiddo who can’t find their shoes, at the person in front of you at the drive thru, by your own inability to finish a task

You can see the child feels scared by not being able to control emotions

In daily life, you often feel like your emotions are not within your control

Sleep schedules have always been elusive

Sleep–or, rather, lack of sleep–feels tied to your mood swings but you can’t seem to get enough zzz’s


Teachers note assignments turned in late – or not at all

You struggle to prioritize your work which leaves you feeling flustered and behind most of the time

All kids have a messy room from time to time but this goes beyond anything you’ve seen

Friends and family lovingly joke that your room/house/car is a mess as they watch you search for things

Each time you help your child catch up, it’s hours before they are behind again

More than a few missed deadlines haunt you at any given moment


All kids fidget and wiggle, but this one’s constantly buzzing

Friends and family regularly ask you to stop tapping your foot, shaking a table, or making an annoying sound with your fingers

Teachers note a tendency to get up and wander around the classroom

You find yourself standing up and walking around during meetings, or that you focus better when you keep your hands busy with a fidget toy

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