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Back to School – Talking to Teachers

Strong parent-teacher partnerships are key to a successful school year for kids with ADHD. Learn strategies to enhance your child’s academic performance and well-being.

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Survival summer break tips for families with ADHD KIDS.

Discover ADHD summer survival tips: structure your child’s day, plan academic activities, and consider medication breaks to keep summer fun and manageable.

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Shaping the Parent’s Role in Managing ADHD

Learn proven ADHD strategies from experts Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster at ImpactParents.com to support your family and improve communication.

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The Power and Promise of Good Nutrition for Kids​

Discover how a balanced diet can improve focus and behavior in children with ADHD. Expert Jill Castle offers practical feeding strategies and nutrition advice.

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Family, Career, and Finances.

Join Zachariah Booker in this webinar to learn about diagnosing and thriving with ADHD. Discover strategies to overcome challenges and enhance your strengths.

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Six Tips that will help your child with ADHD when going back to school

Help your child with ADHD transition back into school with these 6 tips! Create routines, limit distractions, review IEPs, and more. Start ADHD assessments online.

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