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The Shortage of Research on Adult ADHD

Much less money is spent on research on ADHD in adults than in children. Researchers believe more investment is needed to better treat adults with ADHD.

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Woman in her bedroom waking up with fatigue.

Living with ADHD and Chronic Fatigue: A Guide

Tips to help people understand the connection between ADHD and chronic fatigue, and how to better manage the symptoms that come from both.

Navigating the Challenges of ADHD and Chronic Fatigue

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Two young male cyclists taking a break of bicycle ride in the city park talking.

Being a Friend to Someone with ADHD

Expert Tips on Being a Good Friend to Someone with ADHD

Being a friend to someone with ADHD can be frustrating. But their friendship is worth it. Experts offer tips on making the friendship work.

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Young people laughing out loud on a sunny day - Cheerful group of best

Making Friends When You Are an Adult with ADHD

Making friends when you have ADHD can be hard. How your ADHD shows itself can be a problem. But you can learn to understand and overcome the barriers.

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Latina Working on Desktop Computer Checking Her Calendar.

Time Management with ADHD: How This Master Coach Made It Work — and Helps Others Do the Same

An organization coach with ADHD offers tips on how people with ADHD can become better focused and organized — even with their ADHD symptoms.

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Episode 88. ADHD at 51: How My Diagnosis Was Just The Beginning

We have an incredible lineup of brand-new episodes kicking off on July 10th that we are so excited to share …

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People with ADHD Tell All: What Does ADHD Feel Like?

By Michelle Seitzer There’s so much more to ADHD than a struggle to sit still or pay attention. Just as …

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Episode 86. I’m An Adult With ADHD And I Stole My Son’s Ritalin

Can you identify with how Kim Livingston felt when she wanted to clean, but was somehow unable to attack the …

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Underrepresented and Underdiagnosed: ADHD Detection and Treatment Falls Short for People of Color

By Mary Fetzer ADHD has been redefined throughout the years, and greater awareness among health care providers and the public …

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