Gain real insight into attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder by listening to the people who know it best — the ones living with it and the mental health providers working with them.

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Explore the often misunderstood world of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. So much is misunderstood about ADHD and the only way to change that is by having real, straightforward conversations.

Those old, outdated assumptions about ADHD? Refocused is changing that narrative. Those stigmas have held us back for long enough. It’s time to refocus our energy, and we hope you’ll join us. Discover tools and mindset shifts to help you start living your best life.

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Episode 91. Understanding ADHD & Anxiety in our lives

Join us for a special episode revisiting insights on ADHD & Anxiety with Jaye Lin, an ADHD coach, and Phil Rodemann. Discover tips and personal stories!

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Episode 90. Understanding ADHD and Anxiety with Dr. Marcy Caldwell Part II

Join Dr. Marcy Caldwell as she discusses ADHD and anxiety, medication roles, and coping strategies. Discover expert insights and practical tips for managing ADHD.

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Episode 89. Understanding ADHD and Anxiety with Dr. Marcy Caldwell Part I

Discover how anxiety impacts those with ADHD as Dr. Marcy Caldwell, founder of, shares insights and strategies to manage big feelings effectively.

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Episode 88. ADHD at 51: How My Diagnosis Was Just The Beginning

Discover John Smith’s inspiring ADHD journey during the pandemic in this special episode of Refocused, Together. New episodes start July 10th!

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Episode 87. Being Queer & Neurodiverse: Celebrating Pride & Learning to Overcome Othering with Candace Lefke

Wrapping up Pride Month with Candace Lefke discussing ADHD, neurodiversity, and LGBTQIA+ topics. Learn language guidelines for talking about suicide.

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Episode 86. I’m An Adult With ADHD And I Stole My Son’s Ritalin

Kim R. Livingston discusses her new book, Walks Like a Duck, her journey with ADHD, and insights on neurodiversity. Learn more at

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Episode 85. Emily Howarth explores the connection between being Queer and Neurodiverse

Join us for Pride Month as Emily Howarth shares her journey from surviving a suicide attempt to discovering her ADHD. Get insights on ADHD and queerness.

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Episode 84. Beyond Labels: Navigating ADHD and Queerness with Dylan Alter

Join us as Dylan Alter, founder of, shares their journey with ADHD and the queer experience, advocating for inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ and neurodiverse adults.

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Episode 83. An ADHD Refresh on the Art of Talking to Children

Discover how to raise independent, confident, and empathetic kids through meaningful conversations. Learn insights from Rebecca Rolland’s book, The Art of Talking to Children.

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Meet Lindsay

Lindsay Guentzel is a television and radio host, producer, writer and mental health advocate who started a new chapter in life after being diagnosed with ADHD in January 2021.

“It was like receiving a manual for my brain that had been lost in the mail,” she says. “I immediately wanted to know everything I could and as I dove further into the emotional symptoms of the disorder, I realized everything I had been treated for over the years came back to ADHD. I am slowly seeing how ADHD has held me back and allowed me to set up roadblocks in my own life and the power that comes from simply identifying that is indescribable.”

An award-winning radio journalist and producer, Lindsay’s work has appeared in The New York Times, ESPN, CBS Radio and FOX Sports, among others.

Like many people with ADHD, Lindsay’s interests are vast — she loves cooking, running, DIY projects, animals, traveling, spending summers on the lake and at the ballpark, and enjoying time with family and friends. She lives and works in the Twin Cities.

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