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Beyond ADHD: Uncovering
Hidden Companions

ADHD often coexists with other mental health conditions, complicating diagnosis and treatment. Discover how comprehensive assessments and telehealth are transforming ADHD care.

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Final Fall 2023 ADHD Online Webinars: Experts talk about Non-Stimulant Meds and about Anxiety, Depression

Join ADHD Online’s webinars discussing non-stimulant medication options and the connection between ADHD, anxiety, and depression with top experts.

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Unraveling the Puzzle: ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression Explained

Join our webinar to explore the overlap between ADHD, anxiety, and depression with experts Dr. David Toomey and Nicole Falcon, FNP-C. Don’t miss the Q&A session!

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Episode 98. Understanding ADHD & Depression – In Our Lives with Ian Hoefelmeyer

Join us this week as Ian Hoefelmeyer shares his journey with ADHD and depression, highlighting the impact of masking and the transformative power of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy.

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Episode 97. Understanding ADHD & Depression with Lakeisha Love, Part II

Explore the strong comorbid connection between ADHD and depression, their distinct challenges, and effective treatment methods with expert Lakeisha Love.

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Episode 96. Understanding ADHD & Depression With Lakeisha Love

Explore the link between ADHD and depression with expert insights from Lakeisha Love. Learn about diagnosis, treatment, and mental health support. Listen now!

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Studies show ADHD may increase risk of postpartum depression

Women With ADHD Are at Higher Risk for Postpartum Depression

Women with ADHD face a 24% higher risk of postpartum depression, according to a Swedish study. Learn about the symptoms and support options available.

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More Women Are Getting ADHD Stimulant Prescriptions — Here Are Possible Reasons Why

ADHD stimulant prescriptions surged from 2016 to 2021, especially among women. Factors include increased ADHD awareness, COVID-19 stress, and online prescription access.

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What Everything Everywhere All at Once Has to Say About ADHD

Everything Everywhere All at Once explores the ADHD experience through Evelyn, a chaotic yet relatable protagonist. See how the film represents ADHD with authenticity and depth.

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