10 Small Changes That Will Have A Huge Impact On Your ADHD

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10 Small Changes That Will Have A Huge Impact On Your ADHD

ADHD is known for its expansive list of symptoms. Depending on the day, you might find yourself fighting a few additional battles when your ADHD kicks in. Fortunately, there are some truly small and manageable changes that you can make when it comes to influencing your ADHD for the better. In this article, we will discuss a few of them.


Meditation and other mindfulness practices are a great tool for those with ADHD. In fact, picking up a regular mindfulness habit or using it when you are feeling overwhelmed or distracted can help to quiet your mind. It is great for getting focused and relaxing your energy levels.


Journaling is an effective habit for just about everyone, but it can be particularly effective for those with ADHD. Think of journaling as a way to connect with yourself and check in. You might find yourself more aware of certain trends so you can adapt your habits for the better.

Using Fidget Toys

Since digit toys officially hit the market, they have been a success. Why? Using these tools is a great way to stay focused, burn energy, and relieve stress. Though they might be referred to as toys, they are absolutely acceptable for all ages.

Taking Walks Throughout The Day

Walks are an excellent way to clear your head and burn some energy at the same time. If you have been cooped up inside mulling over a complex topic, take a nice walk break. It can do a lot for helping your mind get back on task.


Regular exercise is an excellent way to burn extra energy and sharpen your mind. It allows your brain to get much-needed bloodflow into the more crucial parts of your brain. It’s great for improving focus and cognition.

Taking Medication

Medication is a really hands-off way to influence your ADHD symptoms for the better. With regular medication, many people are able to focus better and more effectively control some of their symptoms.

Drinking Caffeine

Though caffeine is generally discouraged if you are taking medication, as a standalone it can help. Many people with ADHD find that it helps them to focus better and stay on task more effectively.

Listening To Instrumental Music

Instrumental music is great because it entertains the mind and directs it at the same time. Listening to instrumental music while working or studying is an effective way to focus your thoughts without getting distracted by music with catchy lyrics.

To-Do Lists

To-Do lists are an excellent way to keep yourself on track and help you focus. It is great for directing your attention and keeping you committed to seeing a project through.

Habit Builders

Habit builders rely on gamification to make task completion more engaging. These completions and challenges pair well with ADHD symptoms for a truly positive outcome. 


The first step to managing ADHD is to determine whether or not you have it. If you suspect that you might have ADHD, consider using our online assessment to get an official diagnosis from a licensed professional. This is helpful for finding a treatment and management plan that works for you!