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Studies show ADHD may increase risk of postpartum depression

Women With ADHD Are at Higher Risk for Postpartum Depression

Women with ADHD are more likely to experience postpartum depression than women who do not have ADHD. Learn tips to help you manage both.

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More Women Are Getting ADHD Stimulant Prescriptions — Here Are Possible Reasons Why

Studies show more and more women are getting stimulant prescriptions to treat ADHD. We outline some of the possible reasons for that.

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7 Famous Females Thriving with ADHD

Lists of famous people with ADHD are often dominated by men. That might be in part because of the under-diagnosis of ADHD in women. But plenty of famous women have also excelled while having ADHD. Here are seven examples.

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ADHD and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

A condition called premenstrual dysphoric disorder happens at a slightly higher rate in people with ADHD. Experts describe the condition and its symptoms — which they sometimes describe as a more severe form of premenstrual stress, or PMS. Experts also offer tips on managing the condition.

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The Pandemic Brought Together 12 Women with ADHD

A group of 12 older women with ADHD first met as part of an online group organized by a Maryland ADHD treatment center. They’ve continued meeting now on their own – and found a community to talk about their lives and their ADHD.

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How ADHD affects older women differently

Many older women with ADHD are diagnosed late in life, or not diagnosed at all. That means they struggle with their symptoms, often not understanding what they mean or why they are happening.

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Trauma and ADHD: A Complicated Connection

Experts talk about the experiencing trauma and ADHD – including how they can be associated with each other. They also offer tips in dealing with trauma.

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Episode 66. ADHD & Relationships: Melissa Orlov on ADHD, Dating & Divorce

Understanding your partner is one of the most important parts of having a healthy, fulfilling relationship. But without ADHD resources …

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How To Organize Family Holidays When You Have ADHD

By Maria Romaszkan Organizing family holidays can be overwhelming for anyone, especially when you have ADHD. It’s everything people with …

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