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Stuart Cohen and Finding Yourself

Stuart Cohen’s ADHD diagnosis at 47 transformed his life, leading him to become a certified ADHD coach. Discover his journey of embracing authenticity and leveraging strengths.

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Salif Mahamane and the Power of Self-Compassion

Join Salif Mahamane’s journey from ADHD struggles to advocacy in our podcast. Discover his powerful TEDx Talk and tips for managing ADHD. Subscribe now!

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So You’ve Been Diagnosed with ADHD — What’s Next?

Discover the next steps after an adult ADHD diagnosis: professional diagnosis, understanding your ADHD type, building a support team, self-education, setting goals, and knowing your legal rights.

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Jose Valles And Refocusing On Your Purpose

Join Jose Valles on Refocused episode 4 as he shares his journey with ADHD, spreading awareness and supporting mental health. Subscribe for 31 inspiring stories this October!

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Brittany Bronson And The Cost Of Her Impulsivity

Global DEI leader Brittany Bronson shares her ADHD journey, teaching inclusivity, and overcoming obstacles. Discover the importance of better spaces for neurodivergent students.

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Julian Henderson and the Intersection of Deafness and ADHD

Julian Henderson’s journey with ADHD and deafness is inspiring. Tune in for stories on ADHD, its challenges, and how Julian finds his path. Subscribe for more!

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ADHD Online Press Releases

ADHD Awareness Month October

Celebrate ADHD Awareness Month with ADHD Online’s podcasts and webinars featuring expert insights, personal stories, and resources to destigmatize and treat ADHD.

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Episode 88. ADHD at 51: How My Diagnosis Was Just The Beginning

Discover John Smith’s inspiring ADHD journey during the pandemic in this special episode of Refocused, Together. New episodes start July 10th!

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Coming Soon: The First U.S. Guidelines for Diagnosing Adult ADHD

Adult ADHD diagnoses in the U.S. are rising four times faster than in children. New guidelines by the American Society of ADHD aim to improve diagnosis and treatment.

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