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My Child has ADHD. Should We Have an IEP or 504 Plan?

Discover how schools can support children with ADHD through IEPs and 504 Plans, ensuring they receive the special education services and accommodations they need.

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Getting Your Child Assessed for ADHD

Prepare for the new school year by considering an ADHD assessment for your child. Learn about assessment options, treatment plans, and support services today.

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Understanding IEPs and 504 Plans for ADHD

Understand the differences between IEPs and 504 plans for children with ADHD to ensure they receive the appropriate educational support and services.

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Six Tips that will help your child with ADHD when going back to school

Help your child with ADHD transition back into school with these 6 tips! Create routines, limit distractions, review IEPs, and more. Start ADHD assessments online.

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5 Common Questions Answered On Individualized Education Plans

Unlock your child’s potential with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) tailored to meet specific learning needs. Learn more about IEPs and their benefits.

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Join Our ADHD Research Study

Mentavi Health is conducting ADHD research and is accepting a limited number of participants. Participants in our clinical study will get an ADHD Assessment at no cost. 

Who can join?
  • Age 19+
  • Primary language is English
  • Not previously diagnosed with ADHD
  • Not a current patient of ADHD Online or Mentavi Health
  • A resident of any of the 50 US states or DC (not including Puerto Rico or other territories)
Why participate?
Your involvement will help improve mental health care for everyone.

Provide this form to your local practitioner. You could:

  • Send this link
  • Email the pdf
  • Print it out and bring it to your appointment

Ask your practitioner
to complete the form

In this form, your practitioner will request that ADHD Online continue to provide uninterrupted care

Return the form to us

You or your practitioner can return this form to us via email or fax it to 616-210-3118