Letter from Randall Duthler MD – Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer

ADHD Online’s mission is to mitigate disparities in mental health care by leveraging technology to improve patient access and reduce cost while still maintaining the highest standard of care.

The cornerstone of our model is to offer patients who seek care and the providers who serve them the telemedicine tools they need to make clinical decisions. We also closely monitor patient activity for concerning behaviors like prescription diversion or dependence.

Patients undergo an assessment by a doctorate-level psychologist who either confirms or excludes a diagnosis of ADHD. Our providers diagnose ADHD only when clinical criteria are met and supported. When these criteria are not met, thus excluding a diagnosis of ADHD, our providers recommend patients seek an alternative diagnosis for their morbidities. 

Some important distinctions in our approach:

  1. We only use doctorate-level psychologists to review our comprehensive online assessment and provide a diagnosis. A patient spends 60 to 90 minutes detailing their history and answering questions for the assessment. 
  2. We do not allow diagnosing providers to prescribe medications, so they have no incentive to provide anything except an accurate diagnosis, be it positive or negative. Patient health demands no conflict of interest.
  3. Our model enables patients to take their diagnosis to their Primary Care Provider or pursue treatment through one of our clinicians, whichever path meets their needs for access to care.
  4. We perform ongoing checks for patterns of abuse by patients and providers and will end our association immediately with either party as needed. 

We support our healthcare providers by offering comprehensive education and improvement through chart audits and direct feedback by senior clinical leadership using regular provider rounds and multidisciplinary meetings. Under no circumstances do we influence our provider’s decision-making for any specific diagnosis. We believe in patient-centric treatment, so we stand against any one-size-fits-all therapy or drug to be used for every individual. Our expectations are for our healthcare providers to use evidence-based guidelines and resources in adherence to established healthcare community standards.

In our ongoing efforts to support patients, we use technology to reach them quickly and effectively in partnership with primary care physicians and health systems. We serve healthcare systems by accepting patient referrals and addressing the assessment bottleneck that deprives patients of needed treatment. 

We value our patient’s trust and seek to keep it on a daily basis. Our integrity is the core of who we are at ADHD Online. We’re committed to being a responsible leader in the mental health community. 


Randall Duthler MD, Co-Founder, and Chief Medical Officer


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