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ADHD Online Assessment

There are many ways patients may receive help for ADHD, but a diagnosis of ADHD by a psychologist is required. Because most medical doctors do not diagnose ADHD, patients are referred to a local psychologist.

This process can take weeks or months and cost up to $2,500 in some parts of the country. We remove the roadblock patients experience by allowing patients to be evaluated for ADHD by the same licensed psychologists from the comfort of home online.

Our process is faster, easier and far less expensive, but still results in a formal evaluation and valid proof of diagnosis.

Yes! ADHD Online was developed by psychologists and physicians to meet or exceed the defined standard of care. Our proprietary system is dynamic, which means it adapts to the user and their responses and the results have been well received by doctors, schools and employers all across the country. In addition, all of our psychologists are licensed, doctorate level experts within the field of ADHD.

It will take most patients or parents approximately 60 minutes to complete the assessment. You may take as much time as you need and even return to the assessment if you are interrupted.

Results are usually received in an average of 3-5 business days, though sometimes it may take longer depending on the workload of the psychologist.  We recommend waiting to schedule any follow up appointments until you have received and reviewed your results.

Our evaluation gives you options, but ultimately the choice is up to you. Patients generally tend to bring their diagnosis to their own primary care physician to talk about treatment options. You may wish to talk to your or your child’s doctor about medications, but medications are not the only option for managing ADHD.

You may choose to discuss the diagnosis with your child’s school to determine if he or she would benefit from an individualized learning plan or extended testing time. Adults may seek work-place accommodations or extended testing time for professional exams. Our proof of diagnosis arms you with information and options.

Each assessment includes a one-time fee of $149, which includes the psychologist’s fees. There are no additional or hidden fees and the assessment may be covered by your insurance.

No. We offer a legitimate evaluation for ADHD by licensed healthcare professionals. Only those patients who meet the diagnostic criteria for ADHD will receive a diagnosis of ADHD.

Absolutely! We are bound by the same privacy laws as any other healthcare provider and our servers are protected in accordance with strict HIPAA guidelines.

We will not inform you or your child’s physician that an assessment was completed and we do not submit the results of the evaluation to your insurance company. Your or your child’s information is never shared with any third party without your written authorization. Ever.

You will receive a copy of the assessment once completed. To ensure we maintain our very high privacy standards, a written request must be submitted prior to releasing your records to any third party. Click here to complete the form.

Only if you have legal custody or power of attorney for that person and are legally able to make medical decisions on his or her behalf. Foster parents should check with their case workers as laws vary by state.

No. The notes you will receive will be formatted in the same fashion as a normal psychologist consultation note. Your records will include the name of the psychologist who completed the evaluation and our physical address.

We do not currently let patients follow up with their psychologist. However, if the psychologist needs to get any additional information from you in order to make their determination on your assessment, they will reach out to you directly.

Our assessment is currently available to all patients within the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions


ADHD Online does not directly participate with insurance companies, but often the assessment fee can be reimbursed through an insurance claim. You would be provided with an itemized statement which you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Most of our patients strongly desire to have their information remain private. If we billed insurance companies directly, we will be required to disclose the diagnosis and the details of the assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions


Before being prescribed medications for ADHD, you or your child will need to have a certified diagnosis of ADHD by a licensed psychologist. Once a diagnosis is made, you bring the paperwork to your or your child’s physician to discuss treatment options. We offer prescription medication management in Pennsylvania and Texas and will be expanding these services nationwide in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Our online assessment has helped people, just like you, all across the country. Our system never judges, never forgets to ask a question, never feels rushed and is infinitely patient. Relax, take your time and tell us you or your child’s story from the comfort of home when the time is right for you.

No. ADD is now classified as ADHD Inattentive. ADHD is diagnosed in three forms, inattentive (ADD), hyperactive, or both inattentive and hyperactive.

Our e-visit starts as an intelligent computerized assessment, which was developed over 18 months by doctors and physicians. As you work your way through the assessment, it learns which questions to ask and how to ask them.

Once you complete the computerized section, we will assign a psychologist, licensed in your state, to complete the evaluation. We display the information you provided in a way that makes sense to the psychologist and clearly paints a picture of your history and concerns. We feel this results in an assessment that is far more efficient, thorough and accurate than you may receive in a typical office visit.

The other benefits e-visits offer are immediate access with no referral and a significant reduction in cost.

Many large hospitals are employing this technique and it has been accepted as meeting the standard of care.

Physicians are experts at managing ADHD medications, but the vast majority of patients are referred to a psychologist for an assessment. Physicians will require a proof of diagnosis by a psychologist before prescribing medications. Our assessment allows you to be evaluated by psychologists faster, easier and cheaper than traditional means.

Free screening tools are short quizzes meant to help patients understand if they need to seek further evaluation or just to satisfy their curiosity about ADHD. Our system is an online E-visit with a licensed psychologist. The result is an actual diagnosis.

Patients with any of the following symptoms should be evaluated:

– Disorganization or incomplete work

– Lack of focus

– Poor attention to detail

– Forgetful in daily activities

– Distraction by noises or external stimuli

– Fidgeting or squirming in seat

– Difficulty awaiting one’s turn

– Difficulty playing or working quietly

– “On the go” as if driven by a motor

– Excessive talking or interrupting

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