Our COVID-19 Action Plan

Our COVID-19 Action Plan | ADHD Diagnosis Online

Keeping ADHD E-Visits Accessible During COVID-19

E-vists and Telemedicine have become more important than ever as our nation responds to the COVID-19 crisis. During these times, ADHD Online is committed to keeping our assessment 100% online.

Patients can complete our safe and secure ADHD assessment entirely online from home with no further appointments necessary. We are adding more psychologists to handle the increased needs of our patients.

We firmly believe everyone deserves help and recognize the financial impact recent social distancing policies are having on families. ADHD Diagnosis Online is committed to keeping our assessment affordable and accessible to everyone during these uncertain times.  

If you have any questions, our patient care coordinators are standing by ready to assist you in any way that they can. Visit our contact page to reach them directly.