Cats, Dogs and ADHD

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You probably have heard that cats, dogs, and pets, in general, can bring not only companionship but emotional and mental support to adults and children with ADHD.

Studies have shown that owning a pet can result in lower cholesterol, decreased levels of anxiety, depression, and stress, resulting in an overall improvement in mental health. 

Let’s talk about how these amazing creatures can help.

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Exercise: Dogs love to walk; they can help you commit to a daily exercise routine. Exercise improves focus and calms the hyperactivity component of ADHD. For kids with ADHD, it is a tremendously positive opportunity for both the pup and child to release energy and exercise. 

Organization: People with ADHD struggle with staying organized, and boundaries, rules, and routines are needed to help us thrive. Caring for our furry kids requires maintaining a schedule: feeding them, potty training, and teaching them how to be social. Once we start to maintain a plan, we tend to carry over to other things.

Emotional Support: When it comes to companionship, a pet is always loving and understanding. Who doesn’t love snuggles? People with ADHD many times have a difficult time adjusting to social situations and environments. Petting and cuddling with your animals can reduce feelings of anxiety and stress.

While a furry friend can help us improve our mental wellness and live happier lives, it’s essential to know that any pet must be cared for, fed, and treated with love and respect.

Emotional support pets can help adults and children who struggle with ADHD, but be ready to love them and be responsible.

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