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Time Blindness and ADHD

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By Sarah Ludwig Rausch About two years ago, I essentially banned myself from Facebook because I totally lose track of time while I’m scrolling through. Every single time, and then I emerge an hour or two later, horrified when I see how much time I’ve just wasted. That’s how it… 

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Exercise and the Brain: Can Breaking a Sweat Help ADHD Symptoms?

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By Mary Fetzer Exercise is good for everyone, and emerging research suggests that exercise can have a particularly beneficial impact on the symptoms of ADHD. Studies found at PubMed Central, an archive of medical literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine, indicate that exercise reduces… 

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End of the year burnout

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Coping with the end of the year burnout This has been quite a year.  The end of the year is time to reflect and re-energize yourself as it’s the start of the next year, but often this can be overwhelming and exhausting. Burnout can be common at this time and…