Cats, Dogs and ADHD

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You probably have heard that cats, dogs, and pets, in general, can bring not only companionship but emotional and mental support to adults and children with ADHD. Studies have shown that owning a pet can result in lower cholesterol, decreased levels of anxiety, depression, and stress, resulting in an overall… 

Individualized Education Plans Blog | ADHD Online

5 Common Questions Answered On Individualized Education Plans

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Do you wish your child had the opportunity to receive more individual attention or a tailored curriculum? A solution called Individualized Education Plans (IEP) was created to help students with specific learning needs reach their full potential. We put together five commonly asked questions around the subject of Individualized Education Plans. 1.… 

Our COVID-19 Action Plan | ADHD Diagnosis Online

Our COVID-19 Action Plan

Keeping ADHD E-Visits Accessible During COVID-19 E-vists and Telemedicine have become more important than ever as our nation responds to the COVID-19 crisis. During these times, ADHD Online is committed to keeping our assessment 100% online. Patients can complete our safe and secure ADHD assessment entirely online from home with no further…