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Prioritize your mental health like an Olympian

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At ADHD Online, we are proud to see Olympic athletes lead the way to a culture that values mental health. It’s okay to take breaks and say no to the things that jeopardize your well-being and, as Simone Biles has shown us, there’s never an unacceptable place or time to put your mental health first.

ADHD ONLINE taking a lead role in combating the misdiagnosis of girls and women with ADHD to change the narrative.

ADHD Online Experts highlights need during May’s Mental Health Month Grand Rapids, May 2021– ADHD can be challenging for any adult, but failing to recognize the symptoms specific to young girls and women can lead to years of unnecessary hardships.  Michigan-based telehealth company ADHD Online seeks to confront the notion… 

ADHD Online Expands Prescription Medication Services

ADHD Online Expands Prescription Medication Services

With ADHD Online, patients can now access prescription medication via the organization’s network of ADHD specialists. GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., March 9, 2021 ( – ADHD Online, LLC has announced an expansion of their medication management services, including the treatment of all subtypes of ADHD, to Connecticut, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nebraska, South… 

ADHD Online Meets Growing Need For ADHD Diagnosis And Treatment Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

ADHD Online offers patients 24/7 virtual accessibility, timely results, and cost-effective care from a team of ADHD specialists.  GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., February 4, 2021 ( –The COVID-19 pandemic, and its ensuing social distancing protocols, has brought an increased need for ADHD diagnosis and treatment. ADHD Online, LLC has seen a…