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Why start next year’s taxes now?

Getting ready for tax time: April 15th. Does it provoke anxiety, dread, or other negative emotions…or is it just another day?
Learn strategies and routines that you can implement NOW to be sure that next April 15th is “just another day?”

Get ready with us!

Richard Webster’s nearly four decades of navigating the field as a real estate entrepreneur have brought him a wealth of knowledge that his role as Rena-Fi’s CEO now brings to those who come into his orbit. 

He has grown to understand that success must be values-driven.  How we handle business and money has its roots in our often-subconscious feelings and drives. It’s critical to know the mechanics of handling money, but without the context of one’s values, and without an awareness of the emotional underpinnings of behaviors, success can be elusive.

Rick’s expertise in real estate and entrepreneurship derives from his varied career not just as a real estate broker helping close to 2000 people achieve their real estate goals, but also from owning and running mortgage brokerages, renovating and managing rental properties, and later working with foreclosure, short sale, and loan modification strategies.

At the core of everything he’s accomplished has been his empathy for the people he’s worked with, and his ability to teach. His motto has always been “It’s not just business, it’s personal”. 
In his capacity as CEO of Rena-Fi, Rick brings perspective, vision, and passion to an area of life he considers foundational—personal money management.