ADHD Online is Now Expanding Medication Management in Seven More States

In addition to the group’s comprehensive telehealth ADHD assessment, patient-centric treatment plans can now be accessed by even more people

Grand Rapids, Mich. (Dec. 16, 2021) – ADHD Online, a leader in telehealth diagnosis and treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), has added medication management of ADHD in seven more states, with the addition of Arizona, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, and Oregon. With assessments offered in all 50 states and medication management now in 27, the three-year-old company has served hundreds of thousands of patients seeking to thrive with their ADHD diagnosis.

After their online visit, ADHD Online patients in these states can now access tailored treatment plans from ADHD Online, including initial evaluation, medicine prescription, and ongoing monitoring, by its national network of board-certified physicians. ADHD Online’s medical providers can now prescribe medication directly to a patient’s local pharmacy in these states. 

Providing the most comprehensive online ADHD assessment on the market, ADHD Online’s mission is to offer patients a faster solution to get a certified ADHD diagnosis. 

“ADHD Online began with the dream of serving the ADHD community throughout the country, and we’re quickly making that a reality. Today, we offer diagnosis services in all 50 states, and we are thrilled to begin offering medication management to the millions of residents that call Arizona, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, or Oregon their home,” said Zach Booker, CEO at ADHD Online. “We plan to expand medication management to all 50 states in 2022. We hear the community’s need for robust ADHD diagnosis and treatment services. We are answering the call by offering a way to cut the wait time for patients from several months to a matter of days, with no decrease in quality or high costs, compared to the traditional healthcare model.”

“We partner with patients to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that is both safe and effective,” said Randall Duthler, M.D., co-founder, and chief medical officer of ADHD Online. “We want to serve patients across the country, and by adding these eight states, we’re one step closer to offering comprehensive solutions nationwide. We look forward to providing the entire ADHD community with the tools, treatments, and strategies to help them thrive with their ADHD diagnosis.” 

More information about the comprehensive care program through ADHD Online is available at

About ADHD Online
ADHD Online was founded in 2018 with the belief that everyone should have access to a quality ADHD assessment regardless of who or where they are. Founders Zach Booker and Randy Duthler, MD, started the company with the hope to bring access to ADHD care to anyone who needed it without the high cost. To learn more about ADHD Online’s assessment and care program, visit

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